Who Are We?

Chenmark is a fictional family word meaning “question mark.” Over time, it has grown to signify taking the plunge into the unknown.  We named our firm accordingly to remind us to always face uncertainty head on, to challenge the status quo in search of excellence, and to actively push the boundaries of our comfort zone in all aspects of our lives.

What Do We Believe?

As stewards of capital, we believe we have a responsibility to:

  • Build long-term value for our customers, our employees, and our community

  • Hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity

  • Maintain the humility to continuously learn from our mistakes

  • Respect, value, and seek out differences of opinion and experience

What Do We Seek?

As investors, we seek to acquire small-to-medium size businesses that:

  • Have an established record of consistent profitability

  • Have high levels of recurring revenue

  • Have a strong local or regional market presence

  • Have a strong, cohesive team of long serving employees with aspirations for the future